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Quest lets you create sophisticated text-based games, without...

Quest lets you create sophisticated text-based games, without having toprogram. You can make text adventures, role-playing games, trainingmaterials, simulations, interactive fiction, online multiplayer environmentsand more.

With its easy-to-use visual editor, absolutely no programming is required -everything about your game is displayed in plain English. A full tutorial isincluded so you can get started quickly.

You're not just limited to text - your games can come alive with pictures,sound effects and music. Plus, with QuestNet Server, you can create and hostonline multi-player games.

Quest has powerful features for keeping track of what happens during thegame, so you can create the exact behaviour you need. A reference guide isincluded for Quest's more advanced functions.

In your Quest games, you can create rooms, objects, characters, containers,and surfaces. Pick up and drop objects, use objects on other objects, andgive objects to characters.

Easily add commands, so players can do what youwant them to do. Use scripts to make absolutely anything happen in yourgame. Move the player, move and hide objects.

Display menus, usesubroutines, functions, loops, conditional statements and more. Changeobject properties during the game, create and clone objects, use variables,flags, timers and external libraries.

Quest supports random numbergeneration, string handling functions, arrays and inheritance of objectproperties - and all of these advanced functions are available from aplain-English interface.

So you can create sophisticated environmentseasily, and you won't come across any limitations. You have full control over text formatting, fonts and colours, and you candisplay pictures in BMP, GIF or JPEG formats.

You can play music and sounds- MP3, WAV, MIDI and MOD. The Quest Compiler encrypts your game so otherscan't edit it or cheat, and all included graphics and sounds can be put intoone file.

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Quest Pro


Quest Pro 4.0.5

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